Regus is connecting an agile generation of businesses, freelancers and interns across the UK, facilitating local collaboration.

Regus Connect is bringing together UK businesses, freelancers and interns for the first time, to work and network under one roof. The first ten Regus Connect sites will be launched later this year.
Where? You decide.

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More than ever, UK businesses are remaining competitive by opting to stay flexible, bringing in ad hoc help as and when they need it.

They're working in our buildings producing technology, products, services, innovations and more. With diverse skills required each day, freelance talent has become an essential part of the workflow. So too has intern support; nurtured talent, contributing to growth and working their way into full-time positions.

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Over four million freelancers are currently working in the UK.

They're marketeers, web developers, strategists, designers and more. Many work from home to avoid costly desk rental. Yet with high set up costs and growing competition online, more and more are choosing a professional workspace and community, leveraging shared resources and proximity to clients.

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Meanwhile over 300,000 brilliant new people emerge from education and apprenticeships each year looking for work.

Today's interns are brimming with talent and eager for a break, but up against high levels of competition and experience catch-22s. It's harder than ever to get a foot in the door and opportunities don't always present themselves.

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Regus Connect for Businesses

With over 30 years of experience, we know that growing businesses often need access to expertise beyond the core team.

Regus Connect aims to bring together start-ups and SMEs with highly skilled freelancers and interns, selected with your development needs in mind; flexible, cost-effective and in-person. Whether it's a one-off job, ongoing support, or the nurturing of new team members, Regus Connect helps to bridge your immediate and future needs right at your door, while giving you the opportunity to network and support local talent.

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Regus Connect for Freelancers

Our 220 centres host over 45,000 businesses nationwide, ranging in industry and size - a great environment to freelance within.

If you're a freelancer working from home and most of your daily interaction with clients and colleagues takes place online, Regus Connect provides you with the opportunity to work from professional environments across the UK. You can now break the isolation of the home-office at rates you can afford, to work with fellow freelancers and clients face-to-face. That's your professional community and client base all in one dynamic space.

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Regus Connect for Interns

If you're 18-30 and looking for that big break, we're currently opening doors across UK centres to bright and ambitious interns-to-be.

Join our Regus Connect community, access our sites and training resources, and connect with interns like you. Better still, you'll have access to invaluable work experience with businesses in your local Regus Connect site to give you the skills and exposure you need to find - or create – a job.

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The first ten Regus Connect sites will launch this year.
Where? You decide.

Register your interest and your vote for a Regus Connect site near you.


Here are the top ten candidates right now, as voted by you. If you don't see your city here then it's time to get sharing!

1. London 
2. Manchester 
3. Liverpool 
4. Birmingham 
5. Belfast 
6. Reading 
7. Edinburgh 
8. Cambridge 
9. Brighton 
10. Bristol 

Regus Connect is bringing together UK businesses, freelancers and interns for the first time, to work and network under one roof. The first ten Regus Connect sites will be launched this year. Where? You decide.

Regus Connect

  • Over 220 UK local workspaces
  • 10 Pilot sites to be chosen by you and launched this year
  • Exclusive Membership
  • Collaborative ethos
  • Interdependence and support
  • Genuine end-to-end business ecosystem
  • Businesses

    • Simple, local access to a flexible workforce
    • Talent and expertise screened and selected to suit you
    • Exclusive discounts on hourly freelancer rates
    • Face-to-face management of third party tasks
    • Bright and ambitious interns
    • A dynamic and inspiring local business community


    • Get ahead: over 45,000 business customers nationwide
    • Break the isolation of the home-office at subsidised rates you can afford
    • Connect and collaborate with clients and freelancers
    • Find help and help others with community discounts
    • Network and work efficiently, face-to-face
    • Your client base and professional community all in one dynamic, collaborative space


    • Skills Academy: Ashridge Business School portal to world-leading business, entrepreneurship and personal development resources.
    • Free access to Regus Connect workspaces
    • 12+ hours of leadership and entrepreneurship training
    • Paid work experience across Regus Connect start-ups and SMEs
    • Daily networking with peers and potential employers
    • Your opportunity to find work, or learn how to create it